Aveng Ethics Policies

The Aveng DNA advocates principles of honesty, trust and integrity which is in line with the Aveng Code of Business Conduct and supported by, amongst others, policies and guidelines pertaining to Anti- Corruption, Competition Law, Conflict of Interest and Human Rights.

These policy documents are a necessary starting point, but form only part the broader leadership efforts at Aveng. Its success is based on implementation by all our stakeholders of the programmes goals and expectations.

Primary stakeholder groups include the Aveng directors; head office, operating group and business unit management; business personnel and support groups (e.g. audit, legal, human resources).

It is the responsibility of the operating groups and business units, where local legislations supersede the South African legislation and are more onerous, they shall take precedence. In all other instances, South African legislation will be the minimum requirement. This is of particular relevance to activities outside the borders of South Africa, especially for McConnell Dowell in all its operations, and those South African operating groups which carry out projects in Africa and elsewhere.

Outline of Anti-Corruption Framework318.76 KB
Anti-trust commitment319.43 KB
Aveng Human Rights standards148.98 KB
Aveng Conflict of Interest Policy156.52 KB
WEF PACI Good Practice Guidelines on Conducting Third-Party Due Diligence797.43 KB
Aveng’s contribution to the Mainstreaming Integrity case studies5.45 MB