Risk Review

Aveng’s approach to BCM is to develop and ultimately implement a BCM strategy to ensure operational resilience, as well as protect the company from reputational and or financial damage that may come about as a result of operational disruption.

Currently, Aveng is in the process of implementing a BCM solution culminating in Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Capability based on a phased approach.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) will be developed for each group operation. Each BCP will address the following:

• Business continuity invocation criteria;
• Persons authorised to invoke a business continuity plan upon the occurrence of an operational disruption;
• Roles and responsibilities of the various parties required to perform specific tasks to ensure the effective functioning of business continuity plan and process;
• Procedures to be invoked in the event of losing key resource dependencies (i.e. loss of or unavailability of personnel, loss of technology, loss of work-area premises, loss of supplies or services provided by third parties, etc.);
• A workflow of depicting the key decision points and procedure steps which are to be systematically followed in resuming a disrupted activity or process, by addressing the initial response, recovery actions and resumption activities required;
• Roles and responsibilities of the personnel tasked to execute BCPs;
• Escalation procedures for and contact details of internal personnel and external parties without whose participation, the execution and effectiveness of the BCP could be compromised; and
• Schedule of resource requirements that are to be retained in a state of readiness in support of the BCP.

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