Aveng Mining

Stuart White
Managing Director

Aveng Mining offers services across the mining value chain, from shaft sinking, underground development, contract mining and surface mining, to construction of mine infrastructure. The operating group’s experience spans a broad range ofcommodities and it has worked successfully in remote and difficult locations.

Financial highlights      







Gross revenue 5 956 6 582 (10)
Gross earnings 698 874 (20)
Net operating system 413 529 (22)
Capital expenditure 257 298 (14)
Total assets 4 548 4 848 (6)
Total Liabilities 2 027 2 244 (10)

Aveng offers services across the mining value chain, from turnkey solutions in design and process, to shaft sinking, underground development, contract mining and surface mining, and construction of mine infrastructure. These activities span a broad range of commodities and the Group has worked successfully in remote and difficult locations.

For more information on the operation go to www.avengmining.co.za

For more on performance view the Integrated Report 2015