Aveng Steel

Hercu Aucamp
Managing Director

Aveng Manufacturing manufactures and supplies construction products to the construction sector, services and engineered solutions to mining, water, oil and gas and construction clients, and rail construction and maintenance services to the transport sector. Aveng Steel supplies a wide range of products to the steel, construction and automotive industries from its steel yards, processing centres and manufacturing plants.

Financial highlights      







Gross revenue 9 928 10 612 (7)
Gross earnings 685 951* (28)
Net operating system 54 364 (85)
Capital expenditure 180 406 (56)
Total assets 5 815 7 029 (17)
Total Liabilities 1 936 2 589 (25)

* Comparatives restated for reclassifications

Aveng manufactures and supplies a range of steel products and services to the construction, mining and automotive sectors; concrete products to the construction sector; services and engineered solutions to mining, water, oil and gas and construction clients; and rail construction and maintenance services to the transport sector.

For more information on the operation go to www.avengsteel.co.za

For more on performance view the Integrated Report 2015