The New Aveng Supplier Registration Process

Aveng has partnered with Achilles to implement a standardised and streamlined online Supplier Registration Process that will be deployed across our total supply base for all our Operating Groups.  

The Aveng Supplier Registration Process comprises two separate ecosystems, which are managed by Achilles on our behalf – the Aveng Supplier Registration System and the Achilles Construction Africa Community Registration - as well as an on-site Audit Process.  Both ecosystems, including the Audit Process, are managed by our partner Achilles

The Aveng Supplier Registration Process is critical to meeting our regulatory obligations, particularly South Africa’s B-BBEE Act.  It is an integral part of our sourcing strategy, enabling us to pre-qualify and monitor supplier performance in a consistent and objective manner. 

All suppliers with whom Aveng has done business with in the last 24 months will be requested to register in the Aveng Supplier Registration System, and if necessary, based on pre-set registration criteria, to register in the Achilles Construction Africa Community as well as to undergo an on-site Audit. (See “The 3 Stages of Registration”).  A separate communication will be sent to all current suppliers covering these requirements.

New suppliers, who are interested in pursuing business opportunities with Aveng, will also be required to register. (See “Registering as a Potential Supplier”).

Registration at the correct level is a mandatory requirement to be fully compliant with the Aveng Supplier Registration Process and to ensure continued business activities with the Aveng Group regardless of the Operating Group or the status of the contract.

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