Registering as a Potential Supplier to Aveng

To register as a potential supplier to Aveng, you are required to complete the Aveng Supplier Registration System process, which is managed by Achilles on our behalf.  This is Stage 1 of the Registration Process.  There are no costs associated with Stage 1.

Based on pre-set registration criteria, you may also be asked to register in the Achilles Construction Africa Community (Stage 2 of the Registration Process) and undergo an on-site audit (Stage 3 of the Registration Process).  Stage 2 is subject to an annual subscription fee that is payable to Achilles and is determined by the number of products and / or services you would like to register for your organisation. Stage 3 is subject to additional costs based on the audit required, size and location of your organisation.

It is important to understand that completion of Stage 2 and 3 of the Registration Process are not compulsory for potential suppliers;they are purely voluntary.  However, this may change should Aveng show interest in doing business with your organisation, at which point they may become mandatory.

You have two options:

  1. Complete the Achilles Construction – Africa Community registration in readiness for potential inclusion in future sourcing events.  
  2. Complete the Achilles Construction – Africa Community registration as a result of an invitation from Aveng to participate in a particular sourcing event for eligibility for a potential contract award.

Please note: completion of this process does not in any way guarantee any business with Aveng nor does it guarantee your inclusion in a current or future sourcing event. 
Should you be awarded any business by Aveng, please note that no business activities will be initiated and / or concluded without the completion of the full Registration Process by your organisation in line with the pre-determined set of registration requirements for a particular service category.

How to commence the registration process
To register as a potential supplier to Aveng, please click here

An invitation to start the registration process will then be sent from Achilles to you within 24 hours.  Simply follow the instructions to complete.

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