2009 Sustainability Report

Message from the chief executive officer

“Without taking care of our planet and our people, we cannot hope for sustainable growth in the long term.”

Solid corporate citizenship is core to Aveng. The company embarked on its sustainability journey in 2006 when a Sustainability Policy was adopted by Aveng’s board.

Since then, Aveng has put in place policies and practices to continually improve both the level and quality of our sustainable development contribution. We have embedded triple bottom-line reporting methodologies into our operations.

Aveng is proud to have been part of the JSE’s Socially Responsible Investment Index since its inception in 2004. In the 2008 survey, Aveng was one of the best performers in the high environmental impact category.

Aveng’s core value of being accountable for its decisions is an integral component of our corporate DNA. Our vision is to leave a lasting legacy of which future generations will be proud.

While building iconic infrastructure for its clients, the company is always mindful of its impact on the environment, encouraging clients to “go green” and endeavoring to comply, not only with the letter, but the spirit of environmental legislation.

We have a strong track record of investing in our people. In prioritising our people, we have implemented global best-practice policies and procedures in all areas from grading and remuneration to performance management and succession planning. Safety is a core value to which we are committed as we entrench a world class safety culture. Our commitment to making a difference is reflected in our investment of R17,0 million in CSI for the 2009 financial year.

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