2010 Sustainability Report

“ At Aveng, our commitment to the long term well-being of the communities which our business touches every day goes far beyond financial considerations. Sustainable development is a principle which is central to all that we do.”

Aveng has its roots in South Africa but has grown into a significant international business with interests extending through Africa, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and around the Pacific Rim. We are committed to making a positive contribution in all the geographies in which we operate.

Sustainability starts when we lay the foundations of the infrastructure projects which benefit the societies in either a direct or an indirect manner once these projects have been completed. The company continually looks at the impact that it has on society, in the local environment and at large, when building a broad range of structures including roads, bridges, ports, shopping malls, mines, water treatment plants, power stations and many more.

Sustainability is multi-dimensional for Aveng. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our shareholders to create long term value, and at the same time, create solutions for our clients which ultimately reduce their environmental impact and ensure their economic sustainability.

In conducting operations at Aveng, we ensure that we contribute substantially to the societies in which we operate. During 2010 we provided employment to 34 597 people, and also contributed significant funds to the economy in the form of R722 million in taxes, and R8,2 billion in salaries, wages and other benefits to our employees. The company also paid out R22,5 billion to its suppliers. Indirectly, our activities enable economic activity by ensuring that people and products travel efficiently and reliably, that the lights come on at the flick of a switch and that drinkable water is dispensed from taps where there was none before.

We also realise our duty to invest in society at large and have extensive corporate social investment initiatives. Not only do we plough back substantial cash investments but our people also continually commit their time to make a difference in the less privileged communities which we come into contact with every day.

Our employees and colleagues are a valued part of The Aveng Group’s sustainability equation and we recognise the enormous contribution that they make to our long term success. Accordingly, it is our duty to invest in their well-being by making sure that they have a safe and secure working environment, to provide for their development and to give them the tools to meet their full potential within our operations, both in South Africa and beyond our borders.

Throughout all the operations of Aveng, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the prosperity, growth and development of all the countries in which we operate, including the citizens of those countries. As a result, we voluntarily incorporate economic, social and environmental matters into our business practices and decision-making processes so that we can make a real and sustainable difference to all our stakeholders.

Chief Executive Officer


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