Key Guiding Principles

The Aveng Community Investment Trust is guided by the following principles;

  • The alignment of CSI to business priorities and competencies in order to ensure maximum impact for investment.
  • Ensuring resonance with industry and country development challenges in order to make a meaningful, positive difference to the broader social development agenda.
  • Focusing on investing in the communities in which the company operates in order to ensure local relevance for operations as well as breadth and reach of sustainable development in line with national priorities
  • Actively pursuing synergistic partnership opportunities with complementary corporate players in order to enable maximum project impact.
  • Preparedness to invest resources to ensure good practice in terms of project selection, execution, evaluation and impact as well as responsible corporate governance.
  • Commitment by the CEO and top executive stewardship of CSI philosophy and practice in order to ensure that the culture of making a positive difference, as an Aveng employee within and beyond the workplace is an intrinsic part of the cultural weave.
  • Commitment to collaboration across the organisation on CSI to ensure leadership, a meaningful social economic impact, reputational benefits and stakeholder pride.
  • An uncompromising commitment to best practice corporate governance across all aspects of CSI.