The Aveng Community Investment Trust is proud of its association with Kutlwanong, an NPO which operates 21 centres in seven provinces across South Africa, and whose tuition and training programme has received several accolades from the Department of Education.

Kutlwanong aims to improve performance of high school mathematics and science learners from historically disadvantaged areas.

The Kutlwanong Centres are performance driven and aim to produce (per centre): 
at least 15 distinctions in Grade 12;
a minimum of 50% (D symbol);
a minimum overall pass rate of 70%

Furthermore the project aims to facilitate tertiary education entrance and bursary assistance to as many learners as possible. The organisation has centres across the country and has managed to achieve outstanding results.

With a deliberate focus on projects in high need areas, Aveng chose to support the Rebone Aveng Kutlwanong Centre in Glencowie, Limpopo. One of the Aveng Community Investment Trust’s flagship projects, the centre has delivered exceptional maths and science results and emerged as one of the top two performing Kutlwanong centres in 2015. With 35 learners achieving distinctions in both maths and science, and the top achiever scoring 100% in both subjects, Rebone is fast becoming an iconic centre of educational excellence in the Limpopo province.

Aveng has awarded full bursaries for engineering degrees to seven learners from this Limpopo- based centre in 2016.

In addition to these scholarships, the company also manages a programme to integrate the students into Aveng through the provision of on-site visits and mentoring programmes, which further illustrates the commitment by the company to the nurturing of vital young engineering talent from poor communities.